The 2-Breath Hypnosis Technique

The ‘2-Breath Hypnosis Technique’ will both change your life and rock your world. By learning and implementing this technique you’ll be able to de-stress and unwind quickly.  Eventually, what you’ll notice is that this technique will help you feel more calm, happy and focused throughout the day. As a result, you’ll home from work feeling happier and relaxed already, which makes it easier to unwind once you arrive home.

The Relaxation Scale

The relaxation scale is used to determine how relaxed you are. To be clear, hypnosis is NOT relaxation. Instead it’s a heightened state of awareness. However for this course specifically the purpose is to relax and unwind, so we are using the relaxation scale.

To this point, in my hypnosis office I often have clients focus on relaxation as the point of focus. Because of that reason, this helps facilitate the hypnosis process. But it’s entirely possible to be in a state of hypnosis and be very engaged and energized as opposed to relaxed.

The relaxation scale is 1-10, with 10 being completely and totally relaxed, and 1 being highly anxious and stressed.

The 2-Breath Hypnosis Technique

1. Make a note of where you are on the Relaxation scale, 1-10 now.

2. Choose a color that represents peace and tranquility and make note of it.

3. Choose a different color that represents stress, tension, anxiety, and everything you no longer want and make note of it.

4. Close your eyes, and take in a nice deep breath all the way to the tips of your toes. As you do this imagine, that you are inhaling the color of peace and tranquility, and exhaling the color of stress, tension and anxiety.

5. Repeat the breath 2 times in a row.

6. Make note of where you are on the Relaxation Scale again. You may wish to record these results for comparison over days, weeks or months. Look at where you are on the Relaxation scale and notice the improvement in a short amount of time.

Repeat as often as you’d like. The 2-Breath Hypnosis Technique is a great tool in hypnotherapy.

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