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Lose the Weight, Gain your Health and Claim your Vitality Forever

Learn how food, hormones and stress are keeping you stuck and not losing weight, without going on another diet.

with Pam Leno, Certified Hypnotherapist

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Discover Pamela Leno’s life-changing new International Best Selling book.

By understanding what’s happening on the inside and adjusting your daily routine accordingly, you too can finally get off the starve-binge rollercoaster you’ve been riding most of your life.

In Weight-Loss Hypnosis, Pamela Leno, fitness instructor turned nutritional coach and certified hypnotherapist, will help you find losing relief and stop self-sabotaging.

In this book, you will learn to:

  • Understand weight-gain triggers beyond food
  • Apply practical steps to dissolve self-defeating thoughts and behaviors
  • Discern unhealthy propaganda served by the food industry
  • Practice self-hypnosis to defeat the number on the scale
  • Follow a step-by-step inside-out approach to achieve your health goals
  • Lose weight for good!

If you are serious about getting to the bottom of your lifelong health struggles, Weight-Loss Hypnosis is a must-read!

What Others are Saying about the Book

"In this book Pam gives you the tools to change your way of thinking and overcome challenges with your weight along with other things. As you read the book it will guide you into making positive choices and tools to help create a mindset to make these changes possible and permanent. Taking the time to read Pam’s book has been life changing. Not only have I shed pounds, but I have learned boundaries and positive ways to cope with any situation. Thank you, Pam, for giving me the tools to creating a healthy life. I finally have hope and happiness."

- Gina K.

"Pam's words inspire readers for more as she will reach many who have failed over and over on their dieting roller coaster. Techniques, tips, common sense, and facts are rolled into a simple short condensed guide, easy to follow and understand. By teaching me self-hypnosis as my hypnotherapist, Pam guided me to a new viewing place of my weight loss life-time journey, and, now, she has given all of us the tools for reference in her new book, Weight-loss Hypnosis, What to Do when Counting Calories and Carbs Isn't Cutting It."

~ Rebecca Coyle

"In Weight Loss Hypnosis Pam uses her own personal life and massive amounts of research and practical use. Pam will guide you on you journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle. The analogies and stories of "real" people are examples of how to find balance to live life from "the inside, out". Knowledge is power. Obtaining the knowledge to make life changing choices is a defining goal of this book, and Pam has tried and true ways to nurture you toward that goal. You are given encouragement and tools to dig deep into your heart to find your personal answer. Although this book is geared toward weight loss, the information and techniques can help any area of our life you wish to improve."

~ M. Ray, Retired Airline Management & Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient

About Pamela J. Leno & Ideal Wellness NW

Hi, I’m Pamela (Pam) Leno, owner and CEO of Ideal Wellness NW and I want to personally invite you to contact me at our center. I would love to hear from you and answer all your questions about hypnosis and coaching. That’s our job and we love talking with people about our services and how we can help you.

We can help you decide if hypnotherapy & life coaching is right for you. Maybe you just want to learn more about hypnosis and life coaching? Why not schedule a complimentary consultation?  Consultations are offered daily, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and can be in person or virtual.

Our clinic is located in West Olympia and serves Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Thurston County and the state of Washington.

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