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Very satisfied


5 months ago I decided it was time to make a change for my well being. Anyone who knows me knows I have struggled with my weight for half my life. An acquaintance of Jeremy’s recommended Ideal Wellness North West and I am so thankful he did!
Pam Leno has changed my life and I am so thankful! Every week she coaches me, encourages me and gives me guidance on my journey! To date I have lost 64lbs but I have gained so much more! So many health issues I had have gone away and I wanted to share my ongoing story not to brag but to let anyone out there considering the clinic know that it will be the best choice you will ever make! I never really knew where to turn and there’s so many different places out there and it’s overwhelming to even know where to start!
Reach out to me if you have ANY questions or call the clinic and make a consultation appointment with Pam!
She will change your life ❤️

Joanne Todd


i am so very glad that i started hypnotherapy with Pam Leno. I always feel better coming out of session; and what i leran becomes a part of me. I have always had low self-esteem. Pam helped me realize that i am loved and worthy of being loved just the way i am. She helped me recognize that a minor thing that happened when i was a child caused my low self-esteem. It is amazing how much a minor incident can affect one throughout their life. Pam is absolutely there for me and truly wants me to live a happy life. I will have the tools she gives me forever and for that, I am grateful. I you´re considering hypnotherapy and truly want help, go for it–Pam is te best!!

Thomas Carver


Pam has been a wonderful guide helping me to explore my life and explain how and why a past experience would resonate strongly in the present. The relaxation technique she teaches helps me focus how i see myself. Althrough i’d previously learned lessons on being vulnerable and loving myself, Pam’s lessons reinforce the ideas and takes them steps further. It’s now much easier to visualize who i am, what my path is, and where’s I’m going



My experience with Pam was amazing. I had never done therapeutic hypnotherapy before so I was a little nervous, but my nerves were eased right away and the whole experience was exceptional. I have never experienced such a total and complete state of relaxation as when I was under hypnosis. I wanted to stay there for hours… days. Some sessions were emotionally difficult, but very much worth it! After completing 6 appointments, the issues I was there to deal with were resolved. At first it was a very odd feeling because I was so used to being so negatively effected by certain situations and when I was calm the first few times I was almost confused. But then I realized that the hypnosis was successful! Then it was an amazing feeling! Pam is very professional, easy to talk to and discuss the hard issues with and very intuitive. I highly recommend her!

Ronelle Funk


Recently my father passed away and I was feeling lost, depressed, and numb. I went to see Pam for hypnotherapy and she has helped me tremendously. She help me restore my sense of calm, sense of support, and I always left feeling Love Drenched. Thank you Pam <3.